photo: Fistful of Tigers

photo: James Lastowski

I am

a sound artist and educator living on Wampanoag and Narragansett land also known as Providence, RI [US]. I use a variety of self-designed and received audio tools to compose and improvise with sound. I imagine my musical ear as an instrument, as a space, as a land... and I listen accordingly. My creative interests include noise, rest, and re-imagining the "instrument" character of non-human collaborators.


Fulbright US Scholar Award/ Artist Residency, Vienna, MQ/Q21 and Tonspur Kunstverein Wien


Visiting Assistant Professor, Electronic Music & Multimedia, Brown University


PhD, Composition & Computer Technologies, University of Virginia


BA, Music, Duke Unversity

My CV (pdf) is available here.

I run

a Patreon channel, where I post my own work with acoustic, analog, and digital sound, responses to what I'm listening to, and prompts for patrons to make sound with.

I release

new audio semi-regularly on Bandcamp, for instance:

I offer

private lessons/consultation in music composition and production, writing about music, and audio building and physical computing.

Upcoming/recent events

Oct 22
Portland ME

Washington Baths
solo electronic set

Aug 19
Providence RI

solo electronic set via Cross Modulation series

Jun 12
Boston MA

Laconia Gallery
solo performance via Non-Event


For bookings and other inquiries, contact: info [at] kmwarren [dot] org

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