instrument builds (selected)

Abacus · mic clip-mounted controller; demo; For ami with screen score
Dainty · tactile synth
Death Goddessses · synth family; States of Intuition installation, Cyprus, 2018
Exo.Rosie · wearable synth
Matches · tactile synth
Ora · pressure sensor array controller; foot pedal demo; full-body performance

compositions & projects

filament · voice-electronics album
Almost Completely Lucid · 4 melodicas, 4-channel electronics
the chance that time takes · string quartet
Choose · percussion quartet
Eight Paces · audio-video
For soloist and any number of musicians · vocal soloist, open ensemble
[I] n q u i r y · 8-channel electronics, plus dance, video
Listening Not Guaranteed · laptop ensemble
reverie · 2 pianos, 2 vibraphones, electronics


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