diss AV docs

Pd & Bela

Solo with AKA trio
International Anthony Burgess Foundation
Manchester [UK]
December 2016
- approx 5:00-12:30

Pre-samples treated in Pd are compiled below:
0:00-0:04 · inhale gliss (clean; pulsar-granulated in above performance)
0:08-0:12 · saliva (clean; rhythmic-granulated before performance)
0:16-0:20 · saliva rhyGran (pulsar-granulated in above performance)

Abacus 3 and Vox5

as nitious
Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
Charlottesville VA
October 2016

Abacus 4 and Vox6

Yorskhire Sound Women Network
International Women's Day 2017
Huddersfield [UK]
March 2017

Dissertation concert

University of Virginia Chapel
Charlottesville VA
May 2017

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