Writing about my work

Reid, Sarah. "New Interfaces, New Sounds: On Electronic Musical Instruments and Controllers"
Journal of the International Alliance of Women in Music, 24(2), Fall 2018

Benjamin, Tony. "Review: Bristol New Music Festival, Various Venues"
Bristol 24/7, Apr 23, 2018

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Providence Journal, Providence Rhode Island, 2017

O'Hare, Erin. "Composer Kristina Warren channels vocal technology into art"
C-Ville Weekly, Charlottesville Virginia, 2017

Authored works

"Sound Technologies as Agency-Granting Prosthesis to Vocal Body"
Leonardo Music Journal 28, 2018
- Abstract

"Notated Control as Composed Liveness in Works for Digitally Extended Voice"
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation, A Coruña (2017)

Show More/ Show Less: Extended Voice, Technology, and Presence
PhD dissertation, University of Virginia, 2017
- Audio-video documentation

"Composing and Performing Digital Voice Using Microphone-Centric Gesture and Control Data"
Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Utrecht (2016)

"Review: Cathy Berberian, Pioneer of Contemporary Vocality"
Journal of the International Alliance of Women in Music, Fall 2015

"Production and Groove, P'ansori and Pogpo"
The Operating System [online journal], 2014

"Ethics of the Exotic"
The Curator [online journal], 2013

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