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Live practice with analog and digital electronics, voice.
Noise, experimental, electronic ethos.

Mar 2018

May 2017


Electroacoustic works often featuring non-staff notation.

Eight Paces

2017 · video, 4-channel audio · 8 min

Audio made using Bela. Video inspired by human experience of moving around in space looking at art.

[I] n q u i r y

2016 · dance, video, audio · 30 min

Multimedia collaboration with Kim Brooks Mata (choreography) and Mona Kasra (video). Supported by UVA Arts Endowment Grant. More info at project site.

the chance that time takes

2015 · string quartet · 7 min

Small, progressive evolutions from ricochet to sul ponticello. Gestural notation. Phrases aligned with peformer breath.

For ami

2017 · voice, laptop, Abacus · 12 min

Alternating voice and electronics miniatures. Animated screen score of control instructions. Changing control mapping.


2012 · electric guitar quartet · 5 min

Inspired by Korean p'ansori, especially Bae Il Dong. Color to pitch choice. Imagining cultural respect and collaboration.


2014 · percussion quartet · 10 min

Western rhythmic and varied graphic notation. Dissolving, coalescing loops.

Stainless Steel

2014 · fixed media · 4 min

Inspired by, grateful for the outstanding sculpture by Sarah Goetz.

For soloist and any number of musicians

2014 · vocal soloist, indeterminate ensemble · 9 min

Text as lyrics and as instructions. Vocalist-ensemble collaboration. Thanks to Verdant Vibes.

al lado

2014 · two drum sets · 6 min

Rhythmic cells. Restricted choices. More and more instrument substitutions.