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Hybrid analog-digital. Wearable "exoskeleton" with Rosie the Riveter persona. Body to itself, e.g. wrist to wrist, closes different circuits, changing analog sound and digital control data. Though "closed" or "covered," limb-to-limb choreography nevertheless conveys strength and subjectivity.

version 1 · see Intersections and AWMAT videos

photo by Kathy Rae Huffman


2017 · Arduino Teensy & control components on microphone clip

Inspired by the need for simultaneous vocalization & control, and vivified by micro-choreography for mouth and hands, the Abacus has driven my thinking about time and attention in the performative moment. Design consultation from Peter Bussigel. Generous support for travel and materials from 2016-17 PEO Scholar Award. Code inspired by Daniel Jolliffe, Collin Bradford, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks, and Seejay James.

version 4 · see Dissertation concert video

version 3 demo